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Aji-Shio Black Pepper 40G

Aji-Shio Black Pepper 40G


Aji-Shio Black Pepper 40G (Refil Pack)

Aji-Shio 黑胡椒粉 40G (补充包)

Aji-Shio Lada Hitam Berperisa 40G (Pek Isi Semula)


Aji-Shio flavoured black pepper is made from the genuine and pure black pepper, specially fused with selected spices and various seasonings to provide spicy hotness and enhance the taste of your foods. It is ideal for table topping usage as it comes with convenient bottle and dispenser inside it. It is also perfect for marinating grilled chicken, meats and barbecue seafood. Just sprinkle onto your favourite food and you are ready to treasure the great taste!

Brand: Ajinomoto

Origin: Local

Stock: 60

Size: 12.5x9x0.1

Weight: 40g

Expiry Date: Between 9 to 15 months


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