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American Garden U.S. Mustard 397G

American Garden U.S. Mustard 397G


American Garden U.S. Mustard 397G

American Garden 美式芥末 397G

American Garden U.S. Sawi 397G


Contains natural ingredients; made with # 1 grade mustard seeds, American Garden Yellow mustard is the Number 1 seller in many markets.Thanks to its tangy taste, soft consistency and versatility, American Garden yellow mustard is a preferred choice. This condiment is naturally fat-free and low in sugar, it’s also a tasty option for the health-conscious.


Our Squeezable, zero fat, and zero calories yellow Mustard is the perfect partner to hot dogs, sandwiches and burgers- at baseball games or in the house. But don’t just stop there- squeeze some on a shawarma or kebab rolls.

Brand: American Garden

Origin: Local

Stock: 5

Weight: 397g

Expiry Date: Between 9 to 15 months


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