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GFB Mix-Lah Chocolate 1KG

GFB Mix-Lah Chocolate 1KG


GFB Mix-Lah Chocolate 1KG
GFB Mix-Lah 巧克力粉 1KG
GFB Mix-Lah Coklat 1KG
(珍珠奶茶粉),(Teh Susu Mutiara Serbuk), (Bubble Tea Powder), (Teh Bubble Powder), (Teh Buih Serbuk).


Our Classic Chocolate Powder satisfies your craving for chocolate, bringing back the nostalgic flavor of everyone’s childhood memories with but a little shake, at the same time giving you more energy to create those memories with your loved ones, making everyone feel good.  

Brand: GFB

Origin: Local

Stock:  20

Size: 11.5x6x30

Weight: 1KG

Expiry Date: Between 9 to 15 months


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