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GFB Mix-Lah Yam 1KG

GFB Mix-Lah Yam 1KG


GFB Mix-Lah Yam 1KG

GFB Mix-Lah 芋头粉 1KG

GFB Mix-Lah Keladi 1KG (珍珠奶茶粉),(Teh Susu Mutiara Serbuk), (Bubble Tea Powder), (Teh Bubble Powder), (Teh Buih Serbuk).


Light yet rich with a great fragrance, the perfect choice for those wanting something a little sweet and cooling.

Brand: GFB

Origin: Local

Stock: 20

Size: 11.5x6x30

Weight: 1 KG

Expiry Date: Between 9 to 15 months


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