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Puteri Light Soy Sauce 2.6KG

Puteri Light Soy Sauce 2.6KG


Puteri Light Soy Sauce 2.6KG
Puteri 酱油 2.6KG
Puteri Kicap Cair Karamel 2.6KG


Puteri light soy sauce is a thin reddish-brown condiment that is made from fermented wheat and soybeans. As the name suggests, the sauce is usually lighter in colour, it actually tends to be transparent. This is the regular soy sauce because it is used in almost every meal and it’s a Chinese favourite.

Brand: Puteri

Origin: Local

Size (cm): 18x18x28

Stock: 6

Weight: 2.36kg

Expiry Date: Between 9 to 15 months


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