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Superme Mix Steak Set

Superme Mix Steak Set


Superme Mix Steak Set(Australia Premium Lamb Shoulder, Norway Salmon Fillet ,Australia Rib Eye  )


4 x Australia Premium Lamb Shoulder  
(+-180g per slice 1/2"thick)
4 x Norway Salmon Fillet  
(+-170g per fillet)
4 x Australia Striploin  
(+-180g per slice 1"thick)

【✨✨REALLY??? Grocery also have 11.11 Singles Day promotion EH?✨✨】  
❤️ENG MENG Online celebrate Global Shopping Festival with you! It's our first 11.11 sale!  ❤️
😘❤️Join our New Package for you with Premium Australia Meat!! Come grab our supreme mix steak enjoy a cooking lesson with your another half. You will never believe that cooking a candlelight dinner is incredibly easy when materials is ready.❤️😘
【ONLY RM138 could get twice fine dining set!!!】
【FREE GIFT Premium charcoal for party use!!!】
✅Don’t know what to choose for fine dinning?  
 😘Steady~ we set up for ya! 😘
✅Need to pick up but scare of smells and dirt?
 😘Steady~ we pack nicely!! 😘
✅No time for grocer because of work or babysitting?
😘 Steady~ quickly purchase with us 😘
✅Go out have to follow SOP,lined up or etc? 
 😘Steady, we run delivery service 😘
✅Afraid the Freshness of food? 
 😘Steady~ we got this! 😘
✅Want to customize cutting size? 
😘 Steady~ we got chaa! 😘
✅Can’t found any side dishes and spices
 😘Steady~ we pick up for ya! 😘


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