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Telly Mayo All Purpose Dressing 3Litre

Telly Mayo All Purpose Dressing 3Litre


Telly Mayo All Purpose Dressing 3Litre
Telly 多功能奶油 3Litre
Telly Sos Salad Serbaguna 3Litre


Telly Mayonnaise and Salad Dressing range is specially made from quality ingredients to give a fresh taste and creamy and smooth texture. Our mayonnaise and salad dressing range possess a very versatile character which can be your very basic base to your savory topping and dipping.

Our mayonnaise / salad dressing range comes with 6 different types of nature to cater for different type of cuisines, for example:

  • Western cuisine: Dipping for fried or roasted meat, salad, etc.
  • Oriental cuisine: Chinese, Japanese and Korean cuisines
  • Malay cuisine: hamburger, kebab.
  • Vegetarian cuisine.
  • Bakery.

Brand: Telly

Origin: Local

Size (cm): 28x28x5

Stock: 12

Weight: 3 L

Expiry Date: Between 9 to 15 months


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